When you walk into a kitchen, your eye is, most often, drawn to the cabinetry. Cabinets take up a lot of space, so if they’re old or outdated, they date the entire space. Even worse, poorly chosen cabinets may not offer the right kind of storage needed. It’s important for designers, suppliers, and manufactures to stay ahead of trends to help their customers fully understand what is possible in their space—and what will look best while meeting their needs.

It’s also crucial for clients to know what kitchen style choices will help a home hold more value. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating a timeless look. Read on for some of the key trends we’re tracking here at Genesis Products as we sail into the New Year!

Gray is the new white – White cabinets are great, but they show everything in terms of dirt and fingerprint smudges. Gray is a nice neutral tone, isn’t as dark, and keeps the space feeling nice, open, and classic.

Business on the bottom, party at the top – Accent cabinetry, such as glass cabinets, is in, and so is open shelving. They’re both a better way to creatively display things in any kitchen while instantly modernizing the room.

Accent hardware – Designers can take a plain cabinet and make it fancy or chic by adding metal hardware with an industrial aesthetic. Finding the perfect accent hardware can make even a budget-conscious design pop.

Maximum kitchen storage – With open-concept kitchens, there is typically less cabinetry overall, which means it’s important to get creative and provide more storage with less space. Fortunately, designers are meeting this challenge in hundreds of different ways, with innovative pull out shelving options and other slick solutions. Clients want to be delighted by unusual storage solutions.

Flat panel doors – Offering a more “modern” or “European” look, these doors are timeless, and can be used with accent hardware to create a stylish look suited to any taste profile.

Think big – Storage is still the number one concern among consumers, so cabinetry from floor to ceiling is popular, as is the taller 48” size to match rooms with today’s higher ceilings.

Genesis Products is a leading supplier of laminated panels and wood components to the kitchen cabinet industry. We find the balance between creating stylish, long-lasting products while maintaining manufacturing budgets and production deadlines. We pride ourselves on being current and informed on the latest trends in the industry.

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