A good property manager keeps a careful eye on expenses each month. To improve the bottom line, it’s essential to root out and eliminate waste in areas such as energy costs. For example, it’s easy to underestimate the energy consumed just keeping the lights on in a large garage space. Fortunately, the simple act of transitioning to a modern LED lighting fixture can dramatically reduce the cost of lighting a garage. And among super-efficient fixtures, Sigma Glow LED Garage fixtures lead the pack.

Some companies hesitate to transition to LED due to the slightly higher initial investment. However, studies have repeatedly proven that the increased efficiency of LED fixtures over their conventional counterparts helps recoup that investment within 18 months – and often sooner. And as prices for LED lamps continue to drop due to increased demand, the equation only improves. According to a recent federal study, the use of LED lamps will account for 36 percent of all lighting sales by 2020 and 74 percent by 2030.

There are even more advantages to making the switch to LED lighting. LEDs last longer than standard fluorescent bulbs. That not only saves on replacement costs, but reduces maintenance as well. And fewer trips up and down the ladder mean fewer opportunities for potential workplace injuries. Finally, LEDs provide superior quality of light over other options.

The Sigma Glow LED Garage fixture is the ideal garage fixture. Available in two wattages, 40W and 60W, with lumen packages of 5,400 and 8,100, the Glow is a best in class fixture as it has an integrated Motion sensor, making it ideal for parking garages. This is because most parking garages must run lights 24/7, but people are not actively in them 24/7 – just those few moments where people come/go. With the sensor, customers can customize the settings for their actual usage and any local ordinances.

Property managers are always trying to cut costs and provide a safe environment for visitors. Switching to LED accomplishes both goals. Transitioning to a modern LED garage fixture such as the Sigma Glow can dramatically reduce the cost of lighting a garage for safety. And there’s never been a better time to make the leap to LED. The benefits justify the costs in every category: maintenance, safety, quality of light, and, most important of all, efficiency.

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