This week on the Software and Electronics podcast, Mic Chaudoir, VP Sales and Marketing for Fiberguide, educates us on the revolution of Fiber Optics in Pro AV, and its driving force behind the fiber laser. Find out how Mic got his start in photonics, and his passion for nanoimaging led him to a career with Fiberguide.

Fiberguide’s focus on practical Fiber Optic solutions means they are able to customize and create solutions for a wide variety of clients spanning multiple industries. From digital projections to welding sheet metal, fiber laser based devices are doing jobs for a fraction of the price that it used to be. The real innovation is in electronics, handling, and multiplexing, that can seamlessly transfer data through multiple lines of cable and the new devices that are able to intelligently switch from line to line.

Find out how Fiberguide gets to use these new technologies and innovate every new project they get to work on. We’ll delve into the science of fiber optic cables and the transfer of light, sensory analytic capabilities of embedded fiber optics, and the longevity of fiber optic cables. From the micro to the macro, we talk about smaller particles that make up the basis of the large particles that we see everyday in communications.

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