Commercial tire casings have a significant value. Tracking and evaluating casing life and performance -“Cradle to Grave,” ensures the lowest cost per mile of your assets.  At Bauer Built we utilize the full suite of Michelin’s Casings Asset Management Systems to accurately track and record all your fleet’s data.

Over the lifespan of a tire, tracking its condition and keeping a record of maintenance can be difficult. When you manage a fleet, that adds up to a lot of tires and a lot of information. Knowing the history of each individual tire can get disorganized fast, especially without employing a Casing Asset Management system to keep it all together. At Bauer Built, we know the importance of having a detailed record for companies looking to adhere to strict fleet-defined business rules.

That’s why we’re proud to offer casing asset management for our customers with The Michelin BIB TREAD™ NEXT Program. Now you can get detailed reports on all of your tires and keep accountability for all your assets.

It works by tracking barcodes from pick up to return with the BIB TREAD™ NEXT software system. During each retread and repair process, casing information is displayed through each step and the management system keeps records of important information like manufacturer, size and tread design, tire series, number of times retreaded and age. Not only does it provide you with information, it curates it as well.

With all of this new information, we can provide detailed reports for your records, including reject and repair summaries, adjustment reports, and casing inventory, so that you can quickly identify problems and build solutions specific to your fleet.


  • Barcodes are applied to each individual casing and entered into the BIB TREAD NEXT software system.
  • Brand, Series, Size, Manufacturer DOT, NTR, Tread Design are all accounted for on each casing.
  • Casings barcodes are scanned at every station in the MRT Retread Process, which means all the casing information is available for each operator.
  • Customer specifications recorded and entered into the system to ensure casings are produced to your requirements.  Ex. Age, NTR, Size, Repairs.
  • Using all the data that is gathered on each casing BIB TREAD NEXT has the capability to provide detailed reporting back to you the customer, including: Finished Good Summaries, Casings Inventory, Work-in-Process, Reject Summaries, Adjustment Reporting.


  • Work Order Creation using a mobile device at your facility. Sign, email and print all before the tires leave your facility.
  • Seamlessly integrated with the BIB TREAD NEXT software system.


  • Michelin is installing this technology in all new tires.
  • BIB TREAD MOBILE and BIB TREAD NEXT are programmed to read and to use this technology as it becomes available. COMING SOON!!!

There’s no such thing as too much information, and having detailed summaries of what work has been done to your inventory is a major step to having an army of solutions at your fingertips. By using the BIB TREAD™ NEXT Software System, Bauer Built is committed to providing our customers with outstanding service for all of your tire needs, and keeping you in the loop each step of the way.

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