• Condensation and outside water intrusion
  • Conductor connection integrity
  • Dirt/foreign debris
  • Damaged gasket/bellows
  • Grounding/interference issues
  • Improper termination design/installation
  • Cracked weld joints 
  • Preventing Destructive Failures 

The multitude of potential failures that can occur on a bus dust systems led AZZ to develop and implement an effective comprehensive bus system maintenance plan. AZZ is the industry’s only provider of full-service bus inspection, maintenance and high-performance testing regardless of who manufactured the original bus system. The Preventative Maintenance program developed by AZZ is a result of decades of bus systems experience. Upon contacting the team, AZZ will immediately work with the facility’s staff to schedule a comprehensive on-site diagnostics study to better understand the specific situation and develop a targeted solution. The study is comprised of thorough visual inspections, advanced thermal imaging, low resistance, Hi-Pot and Meggar testing. The study can also include Doble EMI testing or installation of Partial Discharge (PD) sensors) and identify potential issues:

  • Loose/broken support insulators
  • Loose, corroded or damaged hardware components
  • Defective insulation and contaminated insulators
  • Stray circulating currents
  • Open PT high voltage fuses 

After the study is conducted, the collected data undergoes extensive analysis to provide AZZ a full report, inclusive of specific findings. If problems are identified, or maintenance is required, AZZ generates a mutually developed solution and outlines it within the report. Additionally, all data and analyses will be recorded within a dedicated AZZ database, taking the burden of documentation off the customers' team and allowing AZZ to provide timely maintenance interval reminders going forward. 
Many solutions require execution of necessary maintenance procedures and/or required system repairs. Whether gasket material, insulators or old hardware need replacement, cleaning be needed or upgrade installations required, AZZ is committed to working within the customer's facility’s outage schedule to get the job completed. When maintenance and repair work is concluded, the methodical process of testing and commissioning of the bus system is performed. This important final stage confirms the course of action implemented by AZZ has restored the bus duct system to optimum condition and performance. Preventative maintenance is a strategic process and not a one-time occurrence, simple visual inspection, or reactionary measure. With the help of AZZ, a proper maintenance program can be executed to ensure systems are running safely and when potential issues are discovered, a timely solution is enacted to avoid prolonged downtime. 

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