The human body is an expert tightrope walker. The tightrope, in this case, is the body’s internal temperature. On the colder side, the body’s internal temp can drop up to 28 degrees.1 That’s quite the margin for error when you consider just a mere 5 degrees upward will lead to heatstroke and probable death.2Being aware of this constant delicate balance is the first and best step to not losing control. Let’s explore some methods of preventing overheating as well as ways to cool off when the sun beats down.

As the globe gets hotter, so will our summers.3 People are often advised, as NPR reports, to stay inside when possible, drink plenty of water, and avoid exercise.4 But not everyone can afford to avoid such conditions. And occasionally keeping hydrated simply can’t keep up with a rapid rise in temperature. In those cases, it’s important to act quickly.

The first step is to bring the body’s internal temperature down. Find ice packs, bags of frozen peas, or crushed ice in a towel; whatever’s close at hand. Reuters Health advises to apply these to the armpits, groin, feet, cheeks, and hands. These are all “hot spots” that, when cooled, have a dramatic impact on your internal body temperature by drawing blood away from the skin and relieving strain from the heart. That cardio overwork can lead to major issues like seizures, lethargy, confusion, and ultimately death, according to Robin Tricoles at the University of Arizona.5

Athletes, especially young athletes, are uniquely vulnerable to the threat of heatstroke. USA Today reports that more and more athletes are lost every year due to unprepared organizers and school boards that are slow to implement life-saving programs like acclimatization routines and emergency response plans. 6Having key knowledge for preventing and responding to the potential threat of overheating is integral to stopping hundreds of avoidable deaths annually. Pairing your knowledge with the proper equipment improves the effectiveness of both.

Like most health issues, the best solution is prevention. Based in Florida, America’s hottest state, Breezer Mobile Cooling’s products can help you regulate temperatures before the heat becomes a problem.7 For those athletes on the field as well as welders in the factory, having a reliable fan like the Power Breezer is essential.

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