Every industry has its markers of quality. For some products, quality is determined by regulators like the FDA. While in others, the customer’s voice and satisfaction remains the primary metric. Quality in walk-in systems most often boils down to consistent, effective, and efficient performance. At KPS Global®, quality means coupling industry-leading performance with a great value so that customers and competitors alike recognize a top-quality product.

KPSG recognizes that quality is not only an abstract idea. Rather, it’s the task of every employee in the company to take seriously and pour all their efforts into achieving it. Jerod Brite, Director of Quality & Continuous Improvement at KPS Global said on their approach to quality, “We understand that in order to be a customer-centric organization, we must be quality-centric.” By starting from the customer’s perspective, KPS Global has developed and maintains special requirements to meet their needs consistently. KPS Global utilizes both a top-down and bottom-up approach, ensuring uniform standards throughout their company.

Quality isn’t just the priority of KPSG, though. Thought leaders from the global community, American Society of Quality (ASQ), offer a chorus of definitions of quality. From Dan Zrymiak: “Pursuit of optimal solutions contributing to confirmed successes, fulfilling accountabilities,” to expert in management Subir Chowdhury: “Bottom line: everyone needs to make quality a priority. When we all understand… how even the smallest action may pay enormous dividends, then that leads to the path of true quality.” What’s common across all these perspectives is an attention to expectations and a commitment to exceeding them. KPSG has studied and implemented these approaches, never cutting corners and always keeping quality in the forefront of their minds.

Investing in any product, big or small, carries with it expectations about how well it does the job for which it’s designed. KPS Global recognizes what’s on the line when they send out a product. As a result, KPS Global leverages years of combined engineering, customer service, construction and installation experience.


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