For modern organizations, process owners face the responsibility of ensuring the quality and compliance of both their own tasks, as well as the tasks of their team. As organizations break down past barriers and innovate new procedures to avoid internal problems, there will always be the human element. In order to make sure small internal issues don’t balloon and fall on the customer, team-based organizations must search out effective, cordial ways to reduce process variation and human error. Ranfac’s processes for Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement, keep this goal in mind.

Not having set processes for measurement, analysis, and improvement leads to an unnecessary risk of sending out a flawed or low-quality product. Ranfac’s processes focus on demonstrating that products conform to the Quality Management System, which itself is maintained to be as effective as possible while also conforming to common standards. Ranfac creates avenues for feedback from customers to find new areas for quality assurance. These customer comments lead to discussion and possible action. But there’s even more involved in Ranfac’s approach.

One of the most integral aspects of Ranfac’s processes is the Internal Audit System, which is used to audit our Quality Management System. Ranfac is the focus of audits from numerous organizations around the world, like the FDA and others, but we are our toughest critic, as we are always striving for self-improvement. There’s simply no other way to become a world-class manufacturer. These audits are carried out by either those not responsible for the functions being audited, or a third-party sub-contractor who is brought in to get a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective. Once complete, the results are shared with related departments and corrections are made. This proactivity goes beyond ensuring quality. It creates a set of habits and a culture of self-responsibility, continuous improvement, and an awareness without constant monitoring.[1]

Ranfac is ISO 13485 certified and in our role as a medical device company, we offer solutions for the design, development, and manufacturing of products. Additionally, we handle the manufacturing process, regulatory checks, and single-source, all American manufacturing that gives them the control to truly ensure quality at every stage. Ranfac’s internal auditing system goes above and beyond diagnosing problems. It spots them when they’re still small and manageable, encouraging employees to aid one another in resolving them together.

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