Self-storage facility owners have largely come to the understanding that it is important to offer tenants a low-cost way to protect their belongings while minimizing their own risk exposure and adding value to their property or portfolio. The SecureLease Tenant Protection Program from On The Move Insurance Agency provides a convenient way to do just that. 

If the worst were to occur at your facility—like a catastrophic fire—imagine the next steps you would have to take. Which tenant would you call first? The one with a protection plan or the one without? 

The low cost SecureLease Tenant Protection Program provides a premium quality lease for a storage owner to offer their tenants. As the most flexible tenant protection program on the market, this product offers the best terms and conditions to self-storage tenants while being extremely easy to implement. The program requires no insurance license to sell because it is protection, not insurance. It’s simple to integrate into a self-storage business: self-storage managers are able to basically sell an upgraded or premium quality lease in exchange for additional rent. 

Self-storage facility owners enjoy high profit margins and add value to their customers with this program. The SecureLease Tenant Protection Program provides tenants with superior customer service and peace of mind, and a facility owner can customize the program to best fit their needs and vision. Owners are limiting their liability by knowing tenants will be taken care of in the event of an incident such as a break in or fire. 

On The Move Insurance Agency customers enjoy much higher profit margins than companies working with traditional insurance companies, as we do not participate on a percentage of sales basis. We allow operators the freedom to implement and structure the program in a way that fits their business needs and market. Stop leaving money on the table! Stop letting third party tenant insurance companies get rich off of your hard work! Offer the SecureLease Tenant Protection Program to your valuable customers today. 

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