Tragically, baseball has been seeing a decline in viewers over the past few years, and many in the sport are looking around for ways to make it more exciting, accessible, and interesting to kids. There has even been talk of removing innings to make it shorter. One immediate solution is to make the ballpark experience more family-friendly; if kids have a great time at the game, they will have good memories and a positive connection to the experience. They are also far more likely to continue coming to ball games with their families and eventually bring their own kids. To that end, ballparks across the country are investing in team-themed, kid-friendly play facilities that promote baseball culture and enhance the family fun.

These themed play areas allow MLB franchises to accomplish three things. First, it makes the stadium a prime location for a true family outing where everyone, even young ones who might not be interested in the game, can enjoy themselves. Second, it keeps fans with young kids in the stadium longer, boosting concession purchases and allowing them a more of a chance to enjoy the game. Perhaps best of all, these play areas build a baseball or franchise focused relationship with future ticket buyers, creating a loyal fan that will continue to support the team, and buy tickets, as they grow up.

PLAYTIME has designed and installed special baseball team themed play areas is some of America’s greatest Major League ballparks, including the Colorado Rockies’ Coors Field, the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Chase Field, the Milwaukee Brewers’ Miller Park, the Miami Marlins’ Marlins Park, and of course, the legendary Yankee stadium. The Kids Clubhouse at Yankee Stadium provides young attendees the opportunity to play amongst team-inspired climbers, slides, and tunnels. In Milwaukee, The Aurora Health Care Kids Zone provides kids the opportunity to expend some energy and even become part of a life-sized baseball card.

Our versatile play equipment can be designed to meet any stadium size, whether it is indoor, outdoor, or even aquatic. From famous mascots like Bernie the Brewer in Miller Park, to classic baseball elements like the cap and bat, PLAYTIME can provide a custom designed theme uniquely suited to your location and team. For example, young Marlins fans will enjoy climbing, jumping, and sliding on an oversized Marlin’s cap and baseball bat. In Yankee stadium, kids can learn about baseball lore with life-size, interactive baseball cards. PLAYTIME’s new line, PlaySculpt, also allows us to create thematic architectural details that match the theme and aesthetics of your new or historic venue.

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