As a small business, Standard Change-Makers is looking ahead with optimism and plans for growth. We are continuing to invest in ourselves by hiring more people to work in production and support areas, purchasing updated components for aging equipment that still gets the job done, as well as investing in new ERP software to help us be more efficient in controlling inventory. This is all in an effort to better support our valuable longstanding customer base. At the same time, we are always trying to find improvements in our products and the way we build them. Because of our commitment to our employees and to our customers; like all small businesses must raise our prices periodically.

The purpose behind this recent price increase is simple, and most entrepreneurs in the country can relate. The cost of health insurance is continuing to going up, and we have to keep up with the increase through the cost of doing business. At Standard Change-Makers, selling new machines is only one slice of our operation. The other important part is supporting those new machines, and providing quality service on the machines we built five, 10, and even 20 years ago. And to maintain our deep commitment to service five, 10 and 20 years in the future, we must retain our knowledgeable, quality team members. We take pride in doing so, and believe in the value that our talented people bring to our customers.

Our products continue to distinguish themselves with:

  • Sturdy & Rugged Construction: Heavy gauge steel, solid welded seams, no rivets or spot welds
  • Steel Coin Hoppers: Our coin dispensers have steel housings, direct drive motors that don’t require lubrication or replacement of belts or chains
  • Plug & Play Optional Features: We start with “simple function” and build from there, allowing you to choose the best features for the way you prefer to do business
  • Proven Service Support and a Two-Year Limited Warranty

At Standard Change-Makers, our primary business is the design and manufacture of currency change machines, car wash entry systems, and central payment kiosks for the coin laundry industry. But our job doesn’t end there. Our Service Department has been supporting machines that have been in the field for 20 years, and sometimes even longer. That’s millions of quarters dispensed over it’s lifetime. Knowledgeable and experienced technicians are backing up our products every day, and we see this commitment as a vital part of our relationship with all of our valued customers.

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