The best bill dispenser is a bill dispenser that requires little-to-no maintenance – which is why Standard Change-Makers is always innovating to provide its customers with the most reliable solutions. Our latest offering, the Glory single note bill dispenser, builds on our long tradition of quality and more reliability. It’s called the MiniMech. Different from the Fujitsu in that the bills are dispensed horizontally, this new solution is the ultimate offering in low-maintenance bill dispensing.

With the MiniMech, the distance the bill must travel from the point it’s “gripped” inside the machine is significantly shorter than most dispensers. This may not seem important, but it means that the system of belts and gears is decreased. As a result, there’s a much lower probability of required maintenance and less that can go wrong during the delivery process within the dispenser. The Glory single note dispenser will hold up to 1,000 bills, which is the same capacity as the Fujitsu single note F50 & dual note F53. The bills load easily into a tray, and tray has its own tension bar and alignment adjustments to keep the bills in optimum alignment.

Patron Display with Attendant KeySwitch

A new optional feature of the BX & BCX – Glory machines is the addition of the Patron Display with Attendant KeySwitch. A large LCD Display on the face of the machine provides feedback to the user about bill denominations deposited, and the correct amount of bills that are dispensed. Owners can provide a key to the on-duty attendant.

If a customer complains that they were shorted by the Exchanger, for example, the attendant can insert the key into the switch and turn it. The display will scroll through the last 10 transactions, showing the amount deposited and number of bills dispensed. The display also provides a time and date stamp for each transaction. The attendant will not need access into the machine to recover this information via the EF+ Module. All Glory-equipped machines will include the EF+ Module as standard equipment. Owners can also connect the EF+ to their network router and have the machine send texts with Out of Service alerts, daily audit reports, and low-level alerts they set up themselves.

Release Dates

The rear load version of the BX1010RL-G is available for immediate shipment. The front load BX1010-G is targeted for late January release, and the BCX series machines be available shortly after that. Standard Change-Makers will then release the dual note Glory machines using the MultiMech dispenser.

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