Cooler temperatures mean it’s time to find your warmest sweaters, winter sports equipment, and holiday decorations—a yearly ritual that has everyone at Genesis Products thinking about the storage spaces in our homes. In fact, in the KB Tribe Chat last week, we talked about storage solutions in residential spaces, and all of the latest trends for keeping the whole family organized!

It’s interesting to think about how home designers are fitting more into less space these days, especially with open concept kitchens becoming ever-more popular. Let’s take a closer look at the latest storage trends in today’s homes.

Open concept kitchens aren’t going anywhere, and people are leaning away from home offices. As a result, design clients are opting for more storage and built-in desks in their kitchens. The challenge? Finding unique ways to hide clutter by including purpose-built surfaces and spaces in homes. For example, having a wall dedicated to kid art instead of covering the fridge is one great option. Another popular trend? Having stow-able office space—a desk that is hidden by doors.

The kitchen continues to be the focal point for the family, so finding ways to increase its storage without taking away from its central functions is crucial. While open concept kitchens can mean a lack of cabinetry, savvy designers are finding ways to give families the storage space they demand—with bigger islands offering storage under large countertops, and with stow-able desks and workspaces.

More storage is always better. People want versatile storage options so their living spaces don’t feel overwhelmed by clutter or unused objects. With this in mind, designers are seeing the popularity of additional storage spaces being built under countertops—some families are even keeping dishes in drawers. Kitchen innovators are finding unique ways to blend rooms and allow more storage. Open shelving is popular, as is low roll-out shelving for kids. Designers are also “thinking vertically” to ensure no potential storage space goes unused and including carousels in corner cabinets to fully optimize this awkward space.[1]

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