Today, we are comparing how older, inefficient technologies perform compared to LED, and seeing some of the most dramatic before and after images ever taken. In a recent lighting renovation for two Arby’s store locations, the old lighting consisted of traditional metal halite lighting in the form of 400-watt lamps. The new LED fixtures used for the update include the GE Evolve, with 21,200 Lumens, and the Acuity D-Series with 11,247 Lumens. Arby’s is an on-going project; the particular stores highlighted in the video are located in Florida. Let’s look at how LED lighting performs after a recent lighting renovation at two store locations.

Before the installation, the Winter Haven Arby’s property had light levels of only .02 to 1.97—near total darkness. After the lighting renovation, lighting levels rose dramatically, to as high as 17.35. At the Ocoee Arby’s, pre-renovation lighting levels were measured in the range of .50 to 3.97—quite dim. After the LED retrofit, lighting levels rose to as high as 5.0.

Additionally, both locations saw better lighting dispersion and more even lighting coverage—less hot spots!

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