December 6, 2017: Los Angeles, California—VER, a global provider of production equipment and engineering support, manages equipment rental and services for more than 100 productions per day around the world. The company is pleased to announce it is joining Event Safety Alliance (ESA) with a Gold-level Sponsorship, with plans to support upcoming workshops and education opportunities to improve safety across the entire industry.

The Event Safety Alliance is a non-profit trade association of live event industry professionals committed to eliminating unsafe behaviors and conditions throughout the industry. The association comprises individual and corporate members from all segments of the live event industry who are devoted to making a difference—and saving lives.
VER had staff members working both the Ariana Grande Manchester concert, and Route 91 Harvest Las Vegas. The tragedies affected the company’s employees deeply. VER hopes taking an active role in event safety will help protect crew and attendees in the future.
“After the tragedy in Vegas, we felt compelled to take a more active role in event safety,” said Digby Davies, VER CEO. “We are involved in thousands of events every year and therefore have a responsibility and an opportunity to help create a safe environment for our employees and guests.”
The decision to join the ESA is not just about active shooter safety, however. VER sees an opportunity to be an overall industry leader in equipment safety. A longtime advocate of equipment safety with the industry’s most stringent standards, the company is developing a training program to ensure VER crew and freelancers meet safety requirements, as well as provide clients an opportunity to get trained.
“We’re thrilled to have VER as a partner” says Jacob Worek, Director of Operations at the Event Safety Alliance. “VER is a leader in our industry, and we are gratified that such a large and important player is committed to safety.”
A major goal of the ESA is to transform the culture of the industry by deeply integrating safety into all activities so that both individual and group behaviors are affected. The organization is working to achieve this through the crafting of industry-specific tools that identify, assess and reduce risk in live event activities, and the compilation, distillation, and dissemination of industry-specific safety information and reasonable practices and training.
About VER VER is a leading, global provider of production equipment and engineering support. With the world’s largest inventory of rental equipment, VER supplies the most advanced technology to a broad array of clients in the TV, cinema, live events, broadcast and corporate markets. Clients rely on VER’s depth of experience in Broadcast, Audio, Video, Lighting, LED, Cameras, Rigging, Media Servers, Fiber and more. With 35 offices across North America and Europe, 24/7 support, and unparalleled expertise, VER can support any live or taped production anywhere in the world.
About Event Safety Alliance Event Safety Alliance (ESA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade organization dedicated to promoting and supporting “life safety first” during all phases of live event production. Through the dissemination of preparedness information, the development of planning & training resources, and the creation of online and classroom-based educational opportunities, the Event Safety Alliance strives to eliminate knowledge and awareness barriers that often contribute to unsafe conditions and behaviors.
With over 5000 registered supporters and nearly a dozen current or pending affiliates worldwide, ESA is the preeminent advocate for audience and worker safety at all event types, including concerts, festivals, meetings, trade shows, and athletic competitions.

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