It’s easy to point to some of the costs of heat affecting your workforce. Missed days, reduced productivity and high turnover rates can all cut into your company’s profits. A cost you may be overlooking, however, is how heat hits your equipment and technological assets. Without a strong cooling solution, your machines can experience higher maintenance turnaround times and more severe wear and tear. This is crucial time and money spent on battling the effects of heat that could be directed elsewhere.

Luckily, many of the cooling products that are used to keep humans cool can be used for your machines as well, and for many, Breezer Mobile Cooling is the answer they turn to. Originally designed for the military, a wide variety of industries have found the company’s Power Breezer cooling technology to be a perfect fit. A major airline, for instance, routinely uses these fans to cool their engines. The high-powered Power Breezer can run a constant stream of cool air that cools the engine quickly for boroscope measurements, and gets the airplane to be back on the runway far faster than cooling on its own. This reduces losses for aircraft ground time, giving the airline happier customers and higher profits.

The airline industry isn’t the only group to experience the benefits Breezer Mobile Cooling can bring. Virtually any machine run manufacturing plant has machines that are prone to overheating, particularly in hot environments. The Power Breezer allows business owners to keep their plants cool and apply specific cooling elements to the parts in an assembly line that need it most, and the results speak for themselves. A top automobile found that they could reduce time spent waiting for heat treating furnaces to cool for maintenance by 50 percent with the Power Breezer.

And it’s not just equipment that can be cooled with Breezer Mobile Cooling systems.  For example, both an extruded dies manufacturer and a construction platform manufacturer started using the Power Breezer for cooling their parts for faster WIP turns.  Their parts must cool to a specific temperature before they can be safely handled.  With the Power Breezer, the dies manufacturer reduces their wait time by 88%, and the platform manufacturer cuts their time by 67%.  Both see a dramatic effect to their bottom line.

The reason for Breezer Mobile Cooling’s success across a diverse spectrum of applications comes down to the core design of the Power Breezer. With their expertise in jet propulsion technology, Breezer Mobile Cooling engineers were able to construct a product that can cool people in a large space or specific pieces of equipment.

You may not even realize the effect heat is having on your production line. All too often business owners settle for long cool down times and frequent worn out parts because this is simply accepted as the norm. A cooling solution like that presented by Breezer Mobile Cooling can cut down on production times, keep your workers cool and reduce heat-related damage to your machinery all at once. To learn more about this technology, or to see how heat may be cutting into your profits, visit!

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