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The 9-to-5 work schedule has been defining the American workforce since the late 1800s, when labor unions first fought for fair working hours. But, over 100 years later, the average workday has hardly changed despite the evolution of contemporary society. Coleman Consulting thinks its time for scheduling to adapt to the diversity of the employees who make businesses run.

MarketScale explores the astonishing benefits of creating custom schedules built around employee needs on this episode of MarketScale’s Food & Beverage Podcast with Taylor Donnell and Marco Juarez of Coleman Consulting Group. From increasing business revenue to boosting employee happiness, custom-built schedules benefit everyone involved.

Whats more, curated scheduling performs better than offering employees monetary raises, providing a long-term solution to covering shifts.

Coleman approaches the schedule-building process with acute attention and a concerted investigation into the needs and preferences of individual employees. By taking this personalized approach, Coleman crafts a schedule that suits the needs of its workers, producing long term satisfaction and work-life balance.

Be it an eight-hour shift to accommodate more family time or 12-hour days to provide more days off, Coleman takes the time to learn how each employee best operates.

“It’s really got to meet the needs of the people,” Juarez said.

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