The Future Food-Tech Summit will be returning to San Francisco on March 21-22, 2019. The summit brings together corporates, venture capitalists and startups from all over the world to facilitate connections and bring the future of food to consumers. This year’s theme is Transformative Collaborations to Revolutionize the Food Ecosystem.

Registered delegates are invited to attend the pre-summit on March 20th, where the AgFunder Innovation Awards will be presented. These awards highlight entrepreneurs and innovators specifically in the areas of Farm Tech, Supply Chain Tech and Food-Tech. An additional award is given to the Most Valuable Agri-Food Tech Accelerator Program.

Before the summit begins, attendees can also download the Rethink Events App to arrange one-on-one meetings with key contacts in their industry during the summit itself.

This year the conference will highlight six main topics: Nutrition and Health, The Microbiome, Personalized Nutrition, Alternative Proteins, Food Traceability and Corporate Venturing in Food.

A pressing concern for the food industry is how to produce food in a way that is most beneficial to the planet. The keynote address, Building a Food System Fit for the Final Frontier, will challenge innovators to think beyond the scope of earth, and about producing food that will function and provide sufficient nutrition on long trips away from our planet. Grace Douglas, the lead scientist in advanced food technology at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, will be speaking about how to create space food that is shelf stable for multiple years, requires few resources and does not necessitate a large time commitment.

Eighty-five speakers will be featured over the duration of the summit, representing banks, large food companies, grocery stores, delivery services and genetics research companies, as well as many other businesses.

While most of the sessions will be speaker-centric, all attendees will be invited to contribute and problem-solve during day one’s roundtable discussion groups. With 23 different topics to choose from, attendees can meet up with others who are innovating in the same spaces and discuss how their collective knowledge can be used to overcome challenges in each particular arena.

The summit will also feature three technology showcases in which 12 individuals will get the opportunity to provide a seven-minute snapshot of their technological solution before a panel of three “sharks.”

Pasi Vainikka, co-founder and CEO of Solar Foods, will speak about how their company is creating protein out of CO2, water and electricity. Julian Melchiorri will speak on behalf of Arborea, a start-up that has developed a “BioSolar Leaf” that uses the photosynthesis process to produce healthy food while helping the environment. Journey Foods is innovating in returning nutrients to snacks by “adding functional ingredient complexes” which “target immunity, digestion, energy and brain function.” Also, Rudi Dieleman of Pectcof will present on using biotechnology to turn a by-product of the coffee industry into bio-compounds for various uses.

The Future Food-Tech Summit 2019 will be bringing together key innovators in the popular areas of plant-based meat, clean meat, genetically modified foods and food traceability, as well as those creating as-yet unheard of solutions, and the investors who are looking to back the future of the food industry in each of these various sectors. The connections made at this summit may very well form the basis for crucial food innovations and their implementation in the years to come.

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