One potential frustration when dining out is being served something that is different that what you actually ordered. It happens, occasionally. Often the reason can be traced to human error. Fast/casual dining is not only putting the power of ordering into diners’ hands, it’s speeding up the process considerably.

On today’s podcast, we chat with Juan Perez, CEO of ADUSA, a company that “brings its experience with Omni-Channel, Self-Service and Digital Engagement technologies to the restaurant industry.” We discuss the rise of self-service kiosks in the food and grocery industry, and the outlook for the complete integration of kiosk solutions.

“I really don’t think they’re looking at it from a cost standpoint, more from an efficiency standpoint. And just a better way to engage customers that’s more consistent, in terms of cross-selling, up-selling, being able to order from order history, etcetera,” said Perez.

He details the driving force behind this movement, and why it’s all about the costumer experience. Throughout this episode, we highlight the realities of kiosk ordering, how McDonald’s has been the de-facto “beta tester” for several of these innovations, and the major differences between kiosk and mobile ordering.

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