menu boards deliver

With increasingly tight margins and fickle audiences, many restaurant franchises might balk at spending more money on technology. Despite the initial cost, digital menu boards can help restaurants boost sales and improve the guest experience.

Boosting sales


Measuring advertising effectiveness with digital signage is slowly getting easier, especially due to increasing integrations with other systems, such as point-of-sale.

Restaurants can directly integrate data from their menu board campaigns with their POS systems, Chad Bogan, director of sales and marketing, NoviSign said in an interview.

“An example of this, would be a restaurant has one monthly special (say large three-topping pizza only $9.99) that plays exclusively on one of the digital menu boards. On a static menu board (non-digital) a separate special (say medium one-topping pizza $4.99) good is displaying,” Bogan said. “After a 60 day period, a POS sales report can be generated that only lists the two monthly specials. From that report, you will be able to how the two specials performed = sales on digital menu board versus sales on static non-digital board.”

The price of much of the hardware and software has also gone down significantly, making the investment more attractive. For example, Bogan said most restaurants can find Android media players for around $40 each, or they can utilize system-on-a-chip displays.

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