Owning a restaurant is a tough, multi-faceted business. It can be challenging enough getting diners in the door, but when it comes to processing their payment, it’s more complex than restaurateurs may realize. Not only are market trends transitioning toward new technologies, but the liability for credit card transactions has shifted as well.

TableSafe is a part of revolutionizing the Restaurant and Hospitality industries, by offering businesses Pay-at-the-Table technologies that have recently emerged in the U.S. TableSafe’s Payment Product Manager, Nydelis Ortiz Rivera discusses the growth these devices have experienced, and how innovations will continue to provide an availability of solutions to merchants.

“It’s not only about what solution is best for the restaurant, but what solution will allow restaurants the best experience for their customers,” Ortiz-Rivera said. With any restaurant, the goal is always to enhance the customer experience, and with emerging technologies, it’s important for owners to find best-fit, simple solutions to serve that purpose.

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