How the Son of a Movie Star Created a Wine Empire

Fess Parker was a movie star in the 50’s and 60’s, famous for his portrayal of Davey Crockett and others. So how did a vineyard and winery in the midst of California wine country come to bear his name? For the answer, we turn to his son Eli Parker. He shares his philosophy for building the wine business and creating an aesthetic that communicates a sense of place and comfort.

This week’s episode also features a conversation with David Benzaquen, the CEO of PlantBased Solutions. As the trend of plant-based diets continues to grow, restaurants and food distributors have begun to take notice. What changes should restaurants make to their menus and how can businesses capitalize?


Making Food That Moves People

Food brings people together, connecting cultures and people groups around the world. Sharing a meal with someone from a new country is an excellent window into what life is like for them. On this episode of the show, chef Federico Tischler shares how he creates that barrier between cultures with his Venezuelan restaurant in Baltimore, MD.


MarketScale Food & Beverage 01/28/19: Molding the Chefs of the 21st Century

Today’s episode of the MarketScale Food & Beverage Podcast Show looks at the next generation of success within the industry, both how’s leading that success and how to get find success from a marketing perspective. We’re getting insight from a powerful marketing thought leader, a self proclaimed leading French Fry historian, who’ll break down his 6 recipes for restaurant marketing success. We’ll also be previewing the Young Chef Olympiad happening this week in India, one of the industry’s most well-renowned and path-carving events for aspiring industry professionals, and why it’s so crucial in today’s climate of labor shortage among chefs.


MarketScale Food & Beverage 01/15/2019: All of the Meat, None of the Animals

Imagine a future where people still eat meat but it no longer comes from meat. What would be the ramifications of that throughout the food and beverage industry? It’s one of the questions posed in this week’s episode of MarketScale’s Food & Beverage podcast. Zak Weston, Corporate Engagement Specialist for The Good Food Institute, joins the show this week to explain how this hypothetical is closer to reality than you might think.

Also on this week’s podcast is a conversation with Caroline Weeks, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at Mayo Clinic Children’s Center. She joins the show to explain the latest trends in nutrition and how restaurants can fill their menus with healthy (and tasty!) items.


Food & Beverage 12/25/18: Getting to the Customers' Needs

Today’s pair of podcasts are all about using technology to empower restaurants to waste less and serve more. In our first feature, we talk to Nancy Luna, Senior Editor for Nation’s Restaurant News about a new app designed to really get people through the door—and keep them as loyal restaurant patrons. We also spoke with Michael Crocker, CEO of VeriSolutions, who takes us to the restaurant back freezer to discuss the Temp Tracker app and how this IoT tech will help restaurants automatically curb food waste.


Food & Beverage 12/18: Wine & Dine Online

The way that people search for and buy food has been evolving rapidly over the last several years. Online searches and delivery services have replaced longstanding traditional methods of obtaining food and restaurant information. Managing these aspects of the business can be just as important to its longterm success as the food or beverage itself.

This episode of the Food & Beverage Podcast takes a look at the way millennials and generation X have changed how winemakers distribute their products and the importance for restaurants to manage their online reputation.


Food & Beverage 12/11: The Rising Tide of Food Allergens

This week’s episode of the Food & Beverage podcast features deep look at solving some of the big problems in the industry. As the number of people with food allergies continues to rise, it forces those in food and beverage to put new safeguards in place. New products have also begun to emerge to replace what Americans are removing from their diets. This episode dives into both of those topics and also takes a look at the massive issue of food waste around the world.


Food & Beverage, 12/4: The Science of Sitting & Sipping

Patrons don’t often stop to think about the moving parts that work in concert to produce the delicious meal or tasty beverage that they’re about to enjoy. They shouldn’t have to. The experience is designed for them to enjoy their time without worrying about the details.
For those in the food and beverage industry, however, they know there’s far more to serving a meal than what meets the eye. This episode of the MarketScale Food & Beverage Podcast zooms in on a few of those details and highlights the processes that goes into serving a meal or brewing a beer.

Food & Beverage, 11/20/18: Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Thanksgiving is a special time the year where we gather around the table with friends and family to share meals together. Food and drink are so inextricably linked with this holiday season that it’s nearly impossible to talk about one without the other. Coming up on this episode of the Food & Beverage podcast, we’ll talk about the food side of thanksgiving with Chef Andre Natera from Fairmont Austin, the largest luxury hotel in Texas, he’ll give us some insight into what it’s like to prepare a thanksgiving menu for a restaurant full of guests. After that, we’ll swing over to the beverage side to hear from Sam Gooch, brewery sales representative for Left Hand Brewing Company. He’s going to talk about the exploding craft beer market and the importance for breweries like Left Hand to have seasonal offerings for their customers.