For families struggling to get by, the cost of a proper Thanksgiving dinner can quickly add up but there's some good news this year: the average cost of the feast has fallen for the third straight year. That's according to the American Farm Bureau who found that enough classic items on the holiday menu to feed 10 people will have an average price tag of $48.90 in 2018.  That's less than $5 per person and a 22-cent decrease from last year's average of $49.12.


Every year at Thanksgiving, an estimated 46 million turkeys are consumed and a survey from the National Turkey Federation found that 88% of Americans will include it on their menu this week. The falling price of turkey is one of the main reasons Thanksgiving dinner is becoming more affordable. The bird currently averages $1.36 per pound, down 3% on last year. As well as turkey, milk, sweet potatoes, green peas and a dozen rolls were among the items with price decreases in 2018.

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