Horticulture is a science. When dealing with living, breathing products like plants, people understand that differences in elements like soil, pesticides, and temperature can make all the difference in the health of finished plants. Light is also a keystone to photosynthesis, but the differences in not only the amount of light but the type of light a plant receives are as important as anything to its development.

Austin, Texas-based Illumitex, a digital horticulture solutions provider, has been providing unique lighting solutions for the horticulture industry since 2005, and with the recent boom in the cannabis industry, education of how to provide proper lighting to crops has never been relevant to more people.

On today’s episode of Lighting Up, Illumitex Director of Horticulture Science, Yan Ren-Butcher, Ph.D. believes the influx of technology into the farming space has revolutionized the way people manage crops and introduced the industry to a new era of digital technology. Investment from tech giants has accelerated innovation in the industry, taking lighting from simple emitters of heat to data-driven solutions.

“We call it data capture, every 10 minutes, 24/7, to help [farmers] monitor their plant growth no matter if they are inside or outside of the growth facility,” Ren-Butcher said. “Definitely all these technologies we’re aiming to help the grower.”

Because of the delicate nature of plants, no farmer has gone through a season without waste. With new technology not only designed to produce healthier crops but also allow for constant monitoring, the industry may finally be moving to a place of real efficiency. It all starts with the right light.

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