Software is everywhere, in our cars, cell phones, shoes, watches, and even streetlights. The people that write this code, software developers, are changing the way we live by pushing forward the potential of technology. As a result, a robust team of software developers can have a mighty influence, as these people work together to craft code that can fly planes or even save lives. So how can organizations create effective software development teams? Answering this question today on the Psyche Lab Report is 35 year software development veteran Sean Luck, Chief Technology Officer for Psyche Systems.

“I look at it as three things that I think about when you’re working on trying to make a really good software development team: the people, the environment, and finally the execution,” Luck said. Luck goes on to unpack each of these ideas, divulging the nuances of how developers work and create.

When hiring people, Luck encourages companies to keep their software team small but mighty.

“I’d rather work with 5 navy seals on my team, than an entire platoon of marines,” Luck said.

Keep the team small yet highly qualified and software developers will find it easier it is to do great work.

“Let’s make sure we give them the best tools that money can buy,” Luck said when elaborating on how a developer’s environment can greatly affect the code they write.

Surround developers with quiet, private work spaces that allow them to slip into a state of flow. With industry knowledge and insider intel, Luck discloses how to formulate a successful team of software developers.

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