In this first episode of The Psyche Lab Report, host Tyler Kern sat down with Sean Luck, chief technology officer for Psyche Systems, to discuss the intricacies of building software for the healthcare industry and why Psyche’s laboratory software has meaning for him.

Luck, a lifelong computer programmer, has built software products in a number of industries, including financial, human resources, logistics, and manufacturing. While each of those industries have niche needs, their similarity lies in each software’s essential function for the business.

“At the end of the day, a laboratory information system is an enterprise software system,” Luck said. “I was able to leverage my previous expertise, so it’s been a good fit.”

In his six years at Massachusetts-based Psyche Systems, Luck has built six lab software products currently offered, which he said is satisfying to know that software is making a difference in people’s lives.

Luck described enterprise software as a system based on emergent behavior, where output does not depend on its individual parts, but on their relationships to one another.

“It’s like the planet Earth, which is an ecosystem with plants, animals, and people. Every ecosystem needs a catalyst to get started,” Luck said. “For the Earth, it’s DNA, water, and carbon. In the case of software systems, you have to put a catalyst in place. For example in our case, it’s our backbone application server, which is a middle-tier component that fits between the laboratory software people use and the database. It’s pretty exciting to see that emergent behavior occur.”

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