The Dangers of Counterfeit PPE

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Bad actors find opportunity in crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic has proven no different.

With a concerned public – and healthcare professionals – looking for N95 masks that do the best job at protecting their users and others from the novel coronavirus, counterfeit PPE has hit the market.

Reporting out of CNBC showed that millions of fake N95s had been distributed to healthcare workers in at least five U.S. states. 3M, one of the leading industrial producers of medical equipment, reported 11,000 cases of counterfeit masks, seizing 10 million fake N95s.

To discuss how prevalent this issue really is – and how the healthcare industry and consumers can fight back – Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin invited Health Professional Resources CEO Samantha Strain and CRO Brendan Messenheimer onto this episode of MarketScale TV.



HPR is a U.S.-based supplier of medical-grade disposable medical goods and PPE, making Strain and Messenheimer uniquely qualified to offer a front-line perspective on the subject.

Litwin, Strain and Messenheimer discussed the actual prevalence of such scams, how law enforcements is attempting to combat them, what the long-term effects of such mass fraud could be, and what supply chain weaknesses exist that make efforts like this possible.

The trio also dove into how reputable suppliers like HPR are having to work to maintain their relationships with buyers in the face of such uncertainty.

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