In the medical industry, sometimes an overlooked area is Elderly Care. Since long-term care has a long history of caregivers consisting primarily of family members, there aren’t always enough resources available in this particular field. The Center for Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging is a non-profit group that has dedicated itself to provide those resources, serving aging and disabled patients, their caregivers, and their needs.

The group’s Director of the Aging and Disability Resource Center, Terri Foster, explained on the podcast that 70 percent of Americans who are currently 65 or over will need some form of long-term care; but their caregivers, who are sometimes full-time medical professionals, need attention as well. Full-time caregivers can suffer from caregiver burnout and compassion fatigue, which can have serious negative effects for themselves and the people for which they care.

“When you give up some of those caregiving responsibilities and go back to just being spouse again, you’re going to enjoy each other’s time more.”

Terri greatly details the many services WRAAA offers to these communities of caregivers and patients, and explains that through prevention, future elderly people will have a lesser need for long-term care.

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