For successful extrusion manufacturing, each parameter and factor must be identified, controlled, and monitored to prevent defects. A defect is defined as any deviation of the product’s attributes from the specification and can occur from a single source or multiple elements. Defects such as pigment spots, pinholes, and contamination can be difficult to detect during production. But with Presco’s new in-line vision system, defects and irregularities can be identified and addressed accordingly.

It’s essential to consistently assure quality by detecting irregularities. Previously tested visions systems were not user-friendly and typically required an engineer on the production line. The new vision system, on the other hand, monitors physical properties including thickness, porosity, reflectivity, and haze, and accurately identifies defects in the film and composites like pinholes and contamination. Real-time data is collected and stored at current extruder run speeds.

This user-friendly system map detects spot defects as small as 50 microns (half the width of a human hair), and uses one scan line with one camera and multiple illumination sources per unit, saving both production space and money. And with the ability to view a defect via different illumination setups, such as infrared light, vital information can be ascertained as some low-contrast defects are otherwise difficult to detect. In addition, the system can be programmed to distinguish between critical and non-critical defects per part number.

Presco first installed an extruded film detection system on an extruder in 2016. It worked so well that a second vision system has been commissioned for our wide width extruder.  This extruder also has our extrusion based lamination capabilities.  The installation of the second vision system is slated for completion in December 2017.

At Presco, our Pres-Flex Engineered Film and web surface inspection system eliminates detection barriers to unfailingly identify defects during the extrusion process.

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