When healthcare providers are under tremendous pressure to keep costs low, do more with less, and maintain the very highest standard of excellence and accuracy, they’re turning to software solutions in laboratories and other places to fill the need. In this episode the Psyche Lab Report, host Tyler Kern sat down with John Basile, Chief Operating Officer for Psyche Systems, to discuss the healthcare industry’s unique software needs.

Laboratory information system software has to be more custom than ever before, Basile said. The Milford, Massachusetts-based company develops and distributes laboratory informatics software solutions for hospitals and clinics.

Since Basile joined Psyche Systems 19 years ago as a software development engineer, he has seen the healthcare industry turn to new, improved efficiencies like never before.

“We’re always looking for ways to drive down costs for our clients by improving our own efficiencies internally to make our products a little more competitive in the marketplace in hand to help our clients be more competitive,” Basile said.

The COO also discussed how Psyche develops software that fits the needs of scientists and ensures their solution can accommodate labs of all sizes and specialties.

“You know, I am a software developer, so what really floats my boat is the output it provides for little inputs,” Basile said. “That’s really the true benefit of software.”

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