How the Healthcare System Responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic


While almost every area of our day-to-day lives has been affected by COVID-19, the healthcare industry has undoubtedly been changed forever. To gain some insight into how the healthcare system responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tyler Kern, host, Full Circle Healthcare, sat down with David Macfarlane, Marketing Communications Manager for Medsphere, to learn more about how the industry has met the challenges of the pandemic head on.

According to Macfarlane, the healthcare system performed well under the circumstances.

“I think everyone’s perception is that the healthcare system responded as best it could. At this point in the pandemic, the criticism has been largely of the government and the political system moreso than the healthcare system or the hospital system,” Macfarlane said.

He believes there’s probably room for some criticism but noted that we’re certainly going to lean toward not doing that right now, as healthcare professionals are still neck deep in treating COVID patients.

“When things have calmed down a little bit, there will be an opportunity to look at things that didn’t go well. I mean, right off the top, you would say that making sure there was significant supplies for a pandemic, so everyone’s protected – that hasn’t gone real well,” Macfarlane said.

He noted that everybody is aware that getting the necessary PPE and supplies was difficult, but there will be an opportunity for hospitals to determine what could have been done that could have made this pandemic much less impactful.

Macfarlane also dove into some of the primary weaknesses that were exposed by this current situation, the surge in telehealth and other pressing topics in this episode of Full Circle Healthcare.

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