The travel industry is on a steady up-and-up, and it’s due in part to more technologically-savvy travelers finding ways to travel on the cheap. Today’s vacationer is using Airbnb, OTAs, coupon hunters and more to personalize their travel experience, so naturally, the conversation around how to evolve the hospitality industry often falls on what new technology will power that change. Healey Cypher, CEO of ZIVELO, joined us on the podcast to inform the world that AR, VR and especially apps aren’t the answer.

“When people prioritize that over much more impactful investments, they typically have limited success,” said Cypher. He’s found the most powerful technologies are the ones that radically solve glaring issues in the guests’ experiences. One of the biggest issues is check-in time, which according to a Cornell Hospitality Study, can drop customer satisfaction by 47 percent. First impressions are important. Cypher details how the next era of self-service kiosks are what will propel hotels forward; by giving customers privacy, control and choice, they’re not only going to make for happier travelers but ones more willing to spend.

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