How Baseball is Driving One Local Economy

It’s that time of the year when we begin to trade in those winter coats and mittens for t-shirts and baseball gloves. As Spring Training gets rolling for teams across Major League Baseball, we take a look at the impact that Spring Training has on the hospitality industry in communities that host these teams. Kendra Pettis, Sports & Tourism Director for the city of Surprise, Arizona, joins the podcast to give us an in-depth look.


Finding the Right Rewards Formula

There’s no magic bullet for success in the hospitality industry. The challenge is finding the correct combination of the right ingredients. This is true whether you’re running a restaurant, hotel, or airline. On today’s episode of the MarketScale Hospitality Podcast, we take a look at the recipe for success in both restaurants and reward programs.


Food Recalls and Chinese New Year Travel Trends

Today’s episode of the MarketScale Hospitality Podcast Show looks at two international and impactful trends in Hospitality today; a decrease in Chinese tourism to the United States and Australia, and how restaurant owners should prepare for food recalls. Both are particularly timely, on the cusp of the Chinese New Year and a 2018 riddled with E. coli lettuce outbreaks. We’ll hear from a Harvard professor and a MarketScale Hospitality contributor to give more insight on two topics that are shaping how professionals in the industry stay proactive amid shifting interests and technology.


TitleMarketScale Hospitality 01/30/19: Making Things Affordable & Sustainable

What matters most to guests when they’re traveling? That has been an important question for those in the hospitality industry for a long time. The answer has changed over the years but the idea has remained the same. Hotels and restaurants aim to provide the best experience for their guests. On today’s episode of the MarketScale Hospitality Podcast, we take a look at two of the most important factors for industry: affordability and sustainability.


MarketScale Hospitality 01/23/19: Remembering a Legend

This episode of the MarketScale Hospitality Podcast takes a moment to remember Herb Kelleher, the Co-Founder & former CEO of Southwest Airlines, who passed away on January 3, 2019. Ginger Hardage, former Senior Vice President of Culture & Communications at Southwest Airlines, joins the podcast this week to share stories and memories of Herb.

This week’s episode also takes a look at the trend of travelers seeking out off-the-beaten path travel destinations. What’s behind it and how can the industry capitalize? MarketScale correspondent Maggie Shein chats with Erin Francis-Cummings, president and CEO of Destination Analysts, about this trend.


MarketScale Hospitality 01/10/19: Customizing & Personalizing the Experience

Customization and personalization are growing trends in the hospitality industry as advancing technology allows for a more tailored experience. Today’s episode of the MarketScale Hospitality podcast takes a look at two examples of customization that is allowing brands to more effectively reach their customer base.


MarketScale Hospitality 1/1: Fresh Hotels & Points Hackers

As we enter a new year, what does the future hold for the hospitality industry? Today’s episode of the MarketScale Hospitality Podcast takes a look at how hotels will continue to drive forward in 2019. From a new way to look at the lobby to the lessons that independent hotels can teach the big chains, there a multitude of ways that hotels can continue to grow in the new year.


Hospitality 12/18: Cruising for New Technology

If you haven’t looked at the technology being used on cruise ships recently, it’s probably time for you to look again. MarketScale correspondent Sam Mosher takes a deep dive on this week’s episode into the world of cruise ship technology in his conversation with longtime travel writer Mark Orwoll. Also on this week’s episode of the podcast is a conversation with David “Rev” Ciancio about the importance of managing your online reputation. What do people see when they search for your hotel or restaurant online? If you haven’t thought about it, it’s time to give it some serious consideration.


MarketScale Hospitality, 12/11: BIG STADIUM EVENTS & HOTEL DATA BREACHES

This week’s episode of the MarketScale Hospitality Podcast takes a look at two different aspects of the hospitality industry: catering for large events and hotel security. On the surface, it feels like these topics couldn’t be more different. Surprisingly, they have more in common than it initially appears.

A certain level of expertise and precision is required for each of these jobs. One mistake can damage the reputation of a brand that has worked to establish a standard of excellence.


MarketScale Hospitality, 12/4: The Path Forward for Hotels

Much of what is done in the hospitality industry centers around one very important question: what does the guest want? It’s an important and difficult question because the answer will differ slightly for every consumer. Some like it hot, some like it cold. Some want a steak dinner, others not so much.

On this episode of the MarketScale Hospitality podcast, we talk to three individuals who specialize in different spaces of the hospitality industry but are all working towards the same goal of meeting the needs of guests.