5G technology will drive future applications however it requires effective use of spectrum to deliver 5G wireless services. On today’s episode we dive into specifics and how spectrum is being used to maximize the future of 5G. Until now, operators have only been able to leverage point-to-point communications which limits mobility. AS an OEM, Samsung has researched and developed technology to do more with spectrum. Guests Alok Shah and Derek Johnston discuss the use of technology including millimeter waves, CPRI interfaces, Open RAN, and network slicing.


Derek Johnston: Head of Marketing & 5G Business Development, Networks Division, Samsung Electronics America
Alok Shah: Vice President, Networks Strategy, BD, & Marketing, Samsung Electronics America

Don’t Miss These Discussion Topics

1:10 — What is Spectrum for 5G or any cellular networks?
2:20 — Where do you buy spectrum air waves?
2:57 — What is contiguous spectrum?
3:36 — Is spectrum still point-to-point connection on cell towers?
6:17 — How Samsung has been researching the 5G millimeter wave spectrum.
7:47 — What’s so cool about millimeter wave.
8:37 — How millimeter wave is kind of like oil.
9:20 — How does spectrum work abroad in other countries?
11:10 — How many spectrum bands does your cell phone support?
12:47 — How many antennas are in a phone today?
13:44 — How many antennas will your phone need for 5G?
14:29 Opening up the ecosystem in 5G.
15:09 — What’s going on with Open RAN?
16:04 — What is CPRI?
17:03 — Why CPRI has not provided operators with the full benefits of openness.
17:28 — What is the xRAN forum and the C-RAN Alliance?
18:19 — Why does Samsung prefer an open network?
20:35 — Will 5G be faster with an open network?
21:40 — Why are software providers pushing this tech.
23:03 — How does an open deployment model benefit consumers and enterprises?
24:44 — What is network slicing?
25:53 — What 5G enables with network slicing?
27:32 — Where are we at with building out this infrastructure?

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