Keeping the financial data of customers secure is a huge concern for businesses, yet the number of Americans who experience some form of credit card fraud is still shockingly high. Migration to EMV has raised the standard for protecting the interests of consumers for many businesses, but this migration hasn’t taken place at the same rate for one primary sector of business: gas stations.

Matt Nelson, CEO & President of AvaLAN Wireless, joined the MarketScale IoT podcast to talk about the pressing need to fueling stations to adopt EMV migration. “You’ve seen it in the indoor world if you’ve shopped or gone to a restaurant,” Nelson says. “But in the outdoor world, that migration hasn’t really happened yet.”

He says this reluctance to adopt new technology could create a massive backlog when the migration deadline hits. “One of the issues the industry is facing is there’s just not that many service guys that can implement the system,” Nelson says. He is worried that many store owners are waiting until the pain of footing the bill for credit card fraud becomes too great before acting, creating a massive rush that will be too much for the industry to handle.

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