What is 5G, and how does it enable things that have never been done before? On this episode of Recalibrate we unpack this question, diving into what 5G technology is able to enable things that could never be done before. Derek Johnston discusses how people will shop, work and do things like playing video games differently…”5G is like putting fiber in your pocket. It’s the evolution of mobile technology.” Given 5G’s capabilities, how will it change and impact mobile device capabilities? We cover industries like sports, gaming, manufacturing, and shipping, explaining how a new, faster network is beginning to transform the way we live and work.


Derek Johnston: Head of Marketing & 5G Business Development, Networks Division, Samsung Electronics America Alok Shah: Vice President, Networks Strategy, BD, & Marketing, Samsung Electronics America

Don’t Miss These Discussion Topics

:35 — What’s the big deal with 5G?
2:34 — What can I do with a mobile device where latency and speed matters?
3:40 — Will I shop differently, game differently, or watch sports differently with 5G?
5:36 — Can you keep up with a high-speed car race?
7:11 — The one thing Wi-Fi has always struggled with.
7:53 — Will 5G change the way we ship by using drones?
9:00 — If 5G is not necessary for all applications, will it not replace 4G?
10:00 — How do you get gigabit out of LTE?
11:55 — What does 10, 20, 50 megahertz mean for speed?
12:53 — How much gigabit speed is enough?
14:40 — Speed v. Capacity in the network.
16:13 — 4G vs. 5G when connecting on cell towers
18:09 — Is 5G going to give us self driving cars?
19:50 — Will 5G push the use of semi-autonomous shipping trucks?
21:49 — How will 5G change manufacturing?
27:17 — What is 5G’s role in public safety?
30:25 — Are applications accelerating in sync with cellular technology?

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