On this episode of Recalibrate with Samsung Networks, host Jason Claybrook and recurring contributor Dr. Simon Lok, CTO of RGNets, focus their conversation around networking in residential America.

At an Orlando event last year, Dr. Lok realized that professionals in IT are approaching networking in the same ways they always have, even though networks are improving in speed and capability. “They can’t see beyond their blinders, and then they wonder why the wrong methods aren’t really working,” Lok said.

This is especially true with networking for the multifamily & “connected living” approach to living, an attractive idea due to its convenience and ease. A resident wants to go to the pool or the clubhouse, for example, and connect to their network, but they can’t do so traditionally. According to Lok, this is “antithetical to the cause;” end-users have a certain expectation of convenience in all aspects of their technology, including their wireless network.

The solution? Microsegmentation. Lok broke down this concept: “We build one giant SSID, and then use micro-segmentation technology to build little bubbles for every single person to connect to.”

In order to keep up with changes in how people work and live, the blinders have to come off. With the incredible technology at our disposal, it’s time to stop reimagining and start “doing.” Give the whole podcast a listen for Claybrook and Lok’s continued thoughts on networking in the home.

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