On this episode of Recalibrate by Samsung Networks, host Jason Claybrook sat down with the Samsung Knox team of Keith Fuentes, Reid Estreicher, and Yasir Aziz to discuss security, 5G’s future for companies, and which industries should benefit the most. For many, 5G is still a mysterious force whose true potential and impact is yet to be solidified. To Fuentes, this is uncannily similar to Game of Thrones.

“When technology changes and something is introduced that is foreign to the market, you have to adapt,” he said. “So [in Game of Thrones], if you look at the dragons, you can get all freaked out, but I think that’s the same thing when you look at technology with 5G. It’s going to introduce something that some people thought could never happen, shouldn’t happen, or doesn’t exist. But when it does exist, those who harness it are going to succeed, and those that don’t will probably vanquish.”

The team discussed how mobile security evolved from laptops, the security of personally identifying data, and the fascinating landscape of connected health monitors such as wearable heart rate monitors.

Claybrook led the discussion about common security myths, including what products can and cannot do in terms of securing data, ensuring productivity, or operating autonomously.

Finally, the team dove into trucking company pain points that can be solved with 5G technology and enabled devices, and the four describe what a truck driver’s job could look like with this level of connectivity.

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