Cameras, sensors, audio recording devices. They’re put in place at a company to provide safety, and when dealing with the well-being of your employees, this tech is expected to function properly. When it isn’t, there are no excuses. “There’s a certain amount of risk to the end user associated with security equipment not being in operation,” Jonathan Pine, CEO of Renova Technology, said.

How should companies stay on top of their security equipment and ensure safe operations? The answer lies in the data; in 2019, data is going to be one of the most valuable keys to success that a business can take advantage of. Companies like Renova Technology, who specialize in collecting and analyzing after-market service operations, are stepping up to the mantle to bring those services to the Commercial Security Industry.

Pine joins us on this Industrial IoT podcast show to discuss how businesses use this kind of data, the challenges in analyzing data, and what it takes for a business to be Best-In-Class. “The collecting of the data, not so difficult; using a faction which is actionable, that is always a challenge,” Pine said.

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