There can sometimes be a misconception that because a solution is “scalable” that it is simple to scale either up or down to fit the need. That’s not necessarily true. On the other hand, sometimes a simple solution can reveal extra benefits that were unintended. How are we seeing this idea of focused solutions impact the Indsutrial IoT industry and the relationships between companies and clients? On today’s podcast, MarketScale Host Sean Heath had a chat with the Director for PROXI, the Global Product Strategy and Design Group for Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Milan Kocic. They discussed the rapidly growing importance of education in Industrial IoT, the challenges of separating a “trend” from “hype,” and the crucial role customers play in helping determine the actual IoT problem they want to solve.

“There’s this expression that I saw that says ‘the next big thing will be a lot of little things.’ I kind of subscribe to that piece that a lot of these companies we tend to do in manufacturing have a lot of little problems,” Kocic said. “If you help them fix a lot of little problems, inevitably, you will help them fix bigger problems.”

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