Cashing in from Tidel: TR180 Cash Recycler

Automating non-value adding functions is becoming a critical initiative in the retail sector, and cash handling can play a key role in such strategy. David Barclay, Vice President of Marketing at Tidel, joined host Tyler Kern to discuss Tidel’s newest cash recycler, the TR180, which was designed to help retailers automate back-office cash handling tasks.

Cash recyclers offer numerous benefits to a retailer to help automate the manual handling of cash. In evaluating a recycler, several variables should be considered, such as speed, configurability, number of denominations it can recycle, and overall note capacity – to name a few. “The TR180 addresses a very broad segment of the market, those retailers that may not sit at the highest end of the daily cash volume spectrum, yet still deal with a measurable volume of cash on a daily basis that warrants an automated solution. Based on its configurability, capacity, and connectivity to a wide range of peripherals, we feel the TR180 provides the right balance of system economics and rich feature set to make it a very compelling cash recycler for a large segment of the retail marketplace.”

The Tidel TR180 offers three note cassettes, which can be configured based on the store’s cash needs. The TR180 can recycle up to four note denominations while offering a deposit cassette supporting up to 2,850 notes. The TR180 can also connect to a broad suite of Tidel peripherals, such as coin recyclers, rolled coin dispensers, and secondary storage vaults. “We can offer that flexibility in terms of how many note denominations require recycling while still offering a very healthy-sized deposit cassette for this segment of the market,” Barclay stated.

With today’s tight labor market and overall difficulty in maintaining desired staffing levels, more and more retail organizations are turning to automation in order to continue delivering on customer service. The TR180 is an ideal solution for stores looking to automate their cash handling tasks and gain better usage out of their store labor.

“More and more retailers are starting to ask the question – ‘How can I eliminate non-value-adding tasks on behalf of my labor and automate where I can? Cash recycling is a great way to get ahead of your competition,” Barclay explained.

Learn more about the TR180 by visiting or calling 1-800-678-7577.

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