Keep Kuul: Mexico, A Unique Market

Keeping spaces cool is critical in many different environments. Traditional ways to do this, such as with AC fans can be expensive and inefficient. In looking at the markets that Portacool serves, these statements are true for the unique case of Mexico. Keep Kuul host Tyler Kern spoke with Leo Martinez, National Accounts Manager for Mexico, to discuss the potential for evaporative coolers in the country.

“Mexico is an industrialized county and a key partner in global trade. There’s also the tourism industry. Both need to keep areas comfortable,” Martinez described. Mexico is logistically in a key position for global trade with ports in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, and the Pacific Ocean. In 2019, the nation ranked number seven in the world for tourism.

Employees inside manufacturing plants, as well as both workers and guests in hotels can all be at risk for heat stress. In industrial settings, that can cause downtime and delay production. In the tourism industry, that can leave guests feeling zapped by the heat and humidity.

In addition to creating a cooler, safer environment, evaporative coolers are energy-efficient. “We’re using the natural process of evaporating water to reduce air temperature. AC units or fans running 24-7 represent huge energy consumption. In a time where many need to reduce operating costs, our coolers can help,” Martinez shared.

The diversity of the Mexican climate is also something businesses consider when it comes to cooling needs. Areas can be hot, dry, or humid. For companies considering how to use evaporative coolers, Portacool has many options. “We have multiple products to fit various needs. We work with our Mexican distributors to recommend the right products and number needed to meet your specific use case.”

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