Matt Abbrederis, president and founder of Ponto Solutions, joined the podcast to shed some light on an ever-increasing trend among Pro AV companies. For some time now, companies in Pro AV have made the business decision to focus their service on either “hang and bang” solutions or client-oriented relationships. Though there’s some overlap, most businesses are choosing the one-and-done installation to expand the breadth of their client base, while many are turning to a more business-oriented install to develop richer contacts for future projects.

Both approaches have their benefits, but Ponto Solutions enjoys business-oriented installations, as they are able to get an understanding on the company’s objectives and how it translates into technology, growth, and profit. “You really get that word of mouth support from your clients because you’re there with them,” Abbrederis said.

Abbrederis also discussed the rise in power of the digital menu board, and how they’re able to transform the food industry by providing a greater influence on the customer. This has been an important market for AV companies with a more end-to-end strategy; since menu board elements are able to be altered to each unique audience, the content is just as important as the technology itself. A partnership then between an AV company and a business becomes one of content strategy and implementation.

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