Reaching Your Congregation with Powerful Remote Capabilities

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With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting every corner of the globe, many churches and their leaders – who often have little experience in the arena – are being asked to reach their congregations remotely.

While this can be an intimidating prospect, it’s also a powerful opportunity.
On this episode of the Bose Church Podcast, host Tyler Kern was joined by Portable Church®️ Industries Director of Consulting Matt Groves and Don Allensworth, President of The NewGround Group, Inc. and a well-respected strategic church transition specialist focused on leadership development and helping churches reach people.

Fellowship is central to the church, and, though the novel coronavirus has eliminated in-person gatherings, it hasn’t presented an insurmountable barrier between churches and the people they serve. In fact, Allensworth said, even churches and leaders who aren’t well-versed in live broadcast and other remote service techniques can forge powerful connections during this time of uncertainty.

“I think we’re understanding that you don’t have to be present to gather together, and it’s been exciting to see how creative churches have become over the past few weeks with everything from children’s ministry to student ministry programming and small groups,” he said. “It’s really been encouraging.”

Audio needs to be a main focus, Allensworth said, as it plays a larger role than many expect in delivering the kinds of connections congregations and church leaders desire.

In particular, once the initial hurdle of selecting and learning to get the most out of a remote broadcast solution has been cleared, it’s critical for churches to maintain their identity and stay true to the experience their congregation has come to expect.
Social media also offers a powerful avenue for reaching members of a church’s congregation, allowing instantaneous connection with those who need critical information.

Finally, though these new remote capabilities are critical during this time of crisis, they could also pave the way toward a future where live broadcast and other means of remote messaging complement in-person gatherings and services. “We don’t want to look at this as just something that we can get somebody to look at on a screen on a weekly basis,” Groves said. “This is a part of your church family. This is an extension of your church building.”

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