According to career information provider Zippia, the top three employers of AV specialists are J.C. Penney, Banana Republic, and Apple. Given that so many advancements are now being made in retail, among other industries, it is important for workers in the Pro AV field to know what customers want and how to deliver cutting-edge products.

Training is at the core of any workforce and in a rapidly advancing industry like Pro AV, it is paramount. How else are technicians going to use HYPERVSN LED holographic walls or LED touch screens, seeing as they were two of the latest technological developments to hit the AV scene?

This kind of technology means AV specialists are going to have to be able to do more than make sure the microphone and the power point are working. AV is becoming more and more integrated into business lobbies and retail spaces, and technicians will have to make sure LED displays, touch screens, and even holograms are in proper working order and presenting the best content at the best time.

All of this points to a strong need for consistent training just to keep up with the latest AV technologies. Perhaps even more important are the soft skills that will result in having AV specialists who keep up on their own and work well with others. These include things like active listening, critical thinking, troubleshooting, speaking, and good judgment and decision-making.

Training that focuses on these skills will help those in the industry create AV specialists who will work well with others and be more self-motivated in keeping up with the latest advancements. It can be hard to keep up with the hard skills needed, but these soft skills transcend specialty and are desperately needed by all employees

Employees with good creative thinking, troubleshooting, and decision-making skills, as well as good judgment, will be capable of figuring out what they need to know and how to learn it. This is worth much more than having someone in human resources try to figure out what the latest technology is, whether or not the company is going to use them or not, and arrange to get the training sessions together.

One also has to deal with the question of whether to train before investing in new equipment. It may not even be possible to train before receiving the latest technology.

In the end, it is soft skills that people really need to be trained in. Hiring trainers with degrees in philosophy, rhetoric, and writing are going to benefit your employees much more than trainers in the hard technologies that have just come out on the market—meaning, those trainers likely only learned about it last week. With quality soft skills, employees will be able to acquire all the hard skills they need on their own.

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