The format of the media we consume is continually evolving. The devices that deliver it change, too. On this episode of the Broadband Linkup podcast, Alexander Podarevsky, Senior Systems Engineer for Promptlink, sat down with host Sean Heath to discuss the move towards content over data connection.

The outside of a set-top box has remained the roughly the same for over 25 years, although they have shrunken to smaller and smaller footprints. But according to Podarevsky, it’s dramatically different on the inside.

“All the televisions started as analog television to deliver motion pictures to the customers’ homes and after that (the content) gets just simply bigger and bigger and the amount of services and the quality of services grows dramatically since the establishing of this industry,” he said.

The initial system of transmission over airwaves has almost been completely replaced by content over data lines. This shift from analog video signals to digital content delivery is shifting how video is consumed and how OTT video has changed the topography of home entertainment.

“In the future… I think everything will be tied to just a data pipe and it doesn’t matter what data pipe you have; everything will be delivered to your TV set,” he said.

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