When companies are looking to make massive expansions to their businesses, staying ahead of the cyber security risks can be a very tough challenge. To combat these problems, more and more companies have been using 24/7 operation centers, the nerve center of the modern company, to make sure the back end of their businesses are firing on all cylinders. But to see positive ROI from an operations center, it’s conception needs to be intentional.

“A lot of it is really good planning from the beginning, figuring out what your requirements are, how many people would be within the space, the type of information you have to monitor,” Heather Conover, Senior Project Manager at Constant Technologies, said. “These rooms are utilizing really rigorous equipment, stuff that’s turned on and doesn’t get turned off for the life of the operation center.”

Conover joined us on the podcast to break down the technology that’s powering the operation centers of today, the benefits of using operation centers, and how a great design of a center can improve productivity. Often, the design is not just envisioned as a functional install, but as an aesthetic and cultural representation of the company and the market that it serves. Though, no aesthetic operation center is complete without its staple attraction.

“The center of any operations center is typically a video wall,” said Conover. And when your entire operation is running off of a large piece of technology, “reliability is key.”

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