Company Profile

Spence Diamonds, a retailer of diamond jewelry, passionately believes there is a way to create beautiful, high-quality diamond jewelry. It harnesses the power of innovation and technology to deliver consumers Artisan Diamonds. The diamonds are lab-created raw diamonds, identical to mined alternatives in every way, except origin.

Business Situation

When planning expansion into the U.S. market, the forward thinking didn’t stop with the way diamonds are made. Spence wanted to provide an entirely new in-store experience around buying a diamond, an experience that transparently gives customers all the information they could want, and the ability to explore in total freedom, with open, upfront pricing.
Spence leadership knew they needed to create a store that mirrored the technological innovation of their diamonds. They set out to tell their brand story of social responsibility, quality and craftsmanship, and they needed to provide clear information on understanding diamonds and how their Artisan Diamonds are made.

Digital Solutions

Spence focused on enhancing the shopper experience with digital technologies throughout the entire journey to communicate social responsibility, heritage and values, promotions, and lifestyle branding relevant to the in-store experience.

Front Window Displays – To capture the attention of passersby and create a sense of intrigue, Reflect provided and installed four 46” 4K displays arranged in the shape of a diamond.

The unique configuration of the displays is eye-catching and offers the opportunity to start conveying Spence Diamonds’ brand identity with captivating 4K content.

Brand Wall – To drive customer engagement and create a WOW experience, Reflect provided and installed a custom brand experience on the back wall of the store. Visible upon entrance, this experience consists of an 85” 4K display with a Plexiglas panel overlay.

The Spence logo is etched into the Plexiglas panel and the panel is edge-lit by programmable LED strips. When the LED strips are on, the Spence logo illuminates in the same color as the LED strips.

Bridal Wall Displays – To further drive customer engagement, Reflect provided and installed multiple digital displays on the bridal wall. The centerpiece of this experience consists of four 40” 4K displays arranged in the shape of a diamond.

To complete the bridal wall system, Reflect provided and installed two 85” 4K displays, one on either side of the diamond-shaped video wall. The displays on the bridal wall allow Spence to tell its brand story and show how Spence Diamonds fits into peoples’ lifestyles and desires.

One-On-One Consultation Rooms – To assist sales associates with educating shoppers and showcasing relevant merchandise, Reflect provided and installed four 40” displays, one in each consultation room. Sales associates have the ability to take control of the screen with their tablet to provide customers with more information.

Lounge Display – To help create a comfortable, casual, and unexpected customer experience, the new Spence Diamonds store contains a lounge area equipped with comfortable chairs and a bar that mixes up hand-crafted cocktails.
The lounge is equipped with a 55” display and offers a place for shoppers to relax, have a drink, and continue learning about what makes Spence Diamonds special. Equipped with Remote Play, store associates can trigger content on the screen from their mobile phones to help educate consumers on the process of creating artisan diamonds.


This project won the 2017 DIGI Award for Best Digital Signage in a Retail Store, Local Rollout.

The most successful and effective in-store environments require the right technology, supporting a well thought out business strategy which includes engaging and relevant marketing, merchandising and lifestyle content. Reflect worked closely with all teams to design and execute efficient and effective digital media solutions for Spence Diamonds.

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