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Three Exploding Markets for Pro AV Products

The market for pro AV products and services has been booming of late. With companies from many different industries looking to utilize pro AV to create memorable and one of a kind experiences, advancements in the world of LED boards and interactive technologies have opened doors to new possibilities.

Today’s show focuses on three areas where the market for AV products are growing rapidly. Brad Grimes, Senior Director of Communications for Avixa, joins the show to talk about the growing demand for AV solutions in the retail and hospitality industries. B.J. McGeever, Media Director at Faith Bible Church in The Woodlands, TX, joins the podcast to detail the changing attitude towards investments in AV equipment for worship services over the last ten years.


Putting a Bow on ISE

MarketScale recently traveled to Amsterdam to cover Integrated Systems Europe 2019. This episode of the MarketScale Pro AV Podcast recaps that trip and looks back at the themes that developed over the course of the four day show.


MarketScale Overseas at ISE: Day Three in Amsterdam with the Show's Managing Director

MarketScale met up with recurring guest of the podcast and ISE Managing Director Mike Blackman on Wednesday afternoon. He gave us his impressions of the event, how the organization measures success and what attendees can look forward to in 2020, when ISE heads to Barcelona, Spain.


MarketScale Overseas at ISE: Day Two in Amsterdam Brings a New Meaning to Interactive Displays

On Day 2 of ISE, MarketScale was back on the show floor seeking out some of the most captivating and interactive displays. There is a natural diversity of products among the 1,300 exhibitors and Tyler Kern sifted through the halls to learn more about the technology that drives these products.


MarketScale Overseas at ISE: Day One in Amsterdam

ISE 2019 is underway and although we may not be able to speak with all 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 attendees, we are determined to find answers to the burning questions in the Pro AV industry.
On the first day of this year’s ISE, Tyler Kern sat down with five Pro AV insiders to get their impressions of the show and what they are excited about on an industry level.
Before that, we chatted with MarketScale’s resident audio expert Zac Brummett to pick his mind on some of the biggest movements in the audio world over the last few weeks, including how industry-giant Bose is moving more into the B2B space. Another brand making news recently is Audinate, and Brummett told us about the debut of the company’s video-over-ethernet solution at ISE.


MarketScale Pro AV 01/31/19: Is That Meeting Room Available?

There’s nothing more frustrating in the workplace than organizing a meeting only to find out the conference room is already being used. Well, maybe that one colleague who always steals your leftovers from the fridge is more annoying, but an unavailable conference room is a close second.

The modern office is utilizing pro AV to help avoid these headaches and help business get done. On today’s episode of the MarketScale Pro AV Podcast, Robert Parsons, Vice President of Sales for Taurus Technologies, joined us to discuss how technology is helping with the meeting scheduling process.

Also on this week’s episode of the show is a conversation with Dave Howden, Director of Technical Services for Community Professional Loudspeakers. He helps us preview the big ISE trade show coming up February 5-8 in Amsterdam. Be sure to follow along with MarketScale’s content from the show on our Pro AV industry page.


MarketScale Pro AV 01/24/19: Experiencing the Biggest Events and Best Nights

This weeks episode of the Pro AV Podcast Show is getting an inside look at one of the industry’s biggest trade shows and explores one of the most creative markets for integrators and designers. Explore the AV world of possibilities by getting a preview of ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2019 from one of the directors bringing the show to fruition. Then take a dive into the world of nightclubs and how they are using Pro AV technology to create unforgettable experiences.


Pro AV 01/10/19: How Pro AV is Keeping You Safe

Sometimes it’s hard to stop and remember where technology was 20 years ago. These days it feels like innovation is happening at such a rapid rate it can be hard to keep track of where we’ve been. On this episode of the MarketScale Pro AV podcast we take some time to look back and where the industry has been, where it is now, and where it’s going in the future.


Pro AV 1/3: Solving the Security Dilemma

As pro AV devices grow increasingly interconnected the need to ensure the security of these devices grows. Protecting pro AV equipment from bad actors is an important step in making sure a project goes off without a hitch. Tim Albright, President of AVNation Media, joins this week’s episode to discuss the steps that can be taken to prevent security issues. This week’s episode also features a conversation with MarketScale correspondent Beth Osborne to recap the ways that retail locations utilized pro AV over the holidays. She walks through specific examples detailing how AR and VR made a big push into the retail landscape.


Pro AV 12/20/18: Pro AV is Powering Content Creators

Today’s episode explores how Pro AV technology is evolving to power content creators, from the podcast host to the retailer. We’ll hear from Australian author and podcast host Jono Pech on how the commoditization of AV gear is giving life to a new generation of creators. Plus, we’ll get insight from Robert Parsons of Taurus Technologies on his own Hot Market Corner, answering the question: what’s making video walls the hot market of the month?


Pro AV 12/14/18: Lights, Sound, Art

Light, sound, art. Let’s start with the light. MarketScale host Elmer Guardado explores how important lighting can be, not only in a work environment, but an entertainment one as well. Something as simple as good lighting can increase productivity, keep people at hotels longer, immerse them into live events, and even promote healthier body functions.

Stage lighting in particular has remained stagnant for decades, but now with the advent and affordability of LEDs, we’re starting to see new possibilities on stage. Brandon Wardell, professional lighting/scenic designer and assistant professor of lighting design at Northern Illinois University’s School of Theatre and Dance, joined us to explain how this evolution has affected the theater landscape. Brandon also thinks back on specific use cases that exemplify the industry’s progress and about how the approach to teaching lighting design has completely evolved. Let’s get some insight on how commoditization of LED has changed lighting design for the better.



Today’s episode of the MarketScale Pro AV Show is focused on the integrator; the people living the industry every day. What Pro AV professionals see every day in the field changes at light-speed. We wanted to ask; how does the life-blood of the industry adapt? First, we hear from Jesse Miller, CTO of Midtown Video, about what it’s like for professionals to integrate IT knowledge into their workflow. Our second feature sources George Ayrouth, the founder of MVT Productions in Orange County, California, who gives us a first-hand take on how AV and media installers adapt to changing technology and training requirements. Learn from leaders in the industry on exactly how they keep ahead of the curve, one that changes almost daily.


MarketScale Pro AV 11/29/18: "Are You Not Entertained?" AV in Arenas

Today’s episode explores Pro AV in the sports world, but not just in the traditional sense. The sports world is evolving, and with those changes comes an opportunity for the Pro AV industry to step in and step up. Sports fans have begun to include and embrace eSports, bringing millions of dollars in revenue to the market. The sports industry is also struggling to get fans to their stadiums; the game-day experience just isn’t worth it. In our two features today, we hear from leaders in the industry that are looking to arenas as the place to innovate. Jennifer Willard, Founder of WAVE, and John Greene, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for New Era Technology, explore why audio-visual providers need to take command of the eSports market. James Giglio, CEO of MVP Interactive, also joins us for a look at how sports teams and stadiums are using AR/VR to enhance the fan experience.



It’s the holiday season! With Thanksgiving putting a little pressure on everyone’s schedule, we figured this was the perfect time to give you, our audience, a charcuterie board of previous MarketScale Pro AV content. Plenty of one-time podcasts on our Pro AV publication haven’t gotten the love they deserve, so we wanted to infuse them with the holiday spirit and showcase three Pro AV podcasts that encapsulate some of the most important trends, troubles and talents in the industry. Kick back while learn how the industry has adapted over the last decade to be more inclusive to women professionals, how live streaming has become more powerful and commoditized at a commercial level, and how digital signage is powering more than a great football experience for schools and universities.



Today’s episode explores how Pro AV installs are stimulating knowledge and the imagination, taking people to new worlds or guiding them through new subjects. We hear from two industry professionals on how Pro AV is educating in very different ways. We chat with Larry O’Reilly, CEO of ARHT Media, to see if a future of holographic professors is really around the corner, and how hologram technology might beat out traditional AV-linked broadcasts in the classroom. We also hear from Chet Kaplan, Director of AV Integration at Capitol Exhibit Services, to peel back the evolving needs of museums, and why digital signage and immersive technology is more cost-effective and versatile than your traditional exhibit.



On today’s episode, we’re focusing on powerful connections of all kinds: between mentors and mentees, prisoners and court rooms, and AV networks and board rooms. We’ll hear from Colin Birney, Principal Consultant for Birney Consulting, on the market for AV links in courtrooms. For our main features, we sat down with WAVE founders Jennifer Willard and Abigail Brown for updates on WAVE’s newest international mentorship program, and we also hear from Steve Metzger, ZeeVee’s Co-founder and VP Hardware & Software Operations, who answers the question of why AV network security isn’t as standardized as it should be yet.



On the first episode of The MarketScale Pro AV Show, you’ll get to hear from thought leaders, analysts, and innovators alike, exploring some of the most timely topics in the industry. Besides updates on industry news and a preview of SEGD’s Xlab in Brooklyn, we’ll hear from John Melillo, Digital Media Group Senior VP for Diversified, who breaks down why the German audiovisual content market is booming in 2018, and what it means for Pro AV.