AV and furniture. AV in furniture. It sounds like two subjects you’d never hear colliding, but that couldn’t be more untrue. The balance between the interior design of a functional work or creative space and the AV powering that space is delicate and very intentional. Does your meeting room have a historic 20th-century oak table but you want seamless charging stations and ethernet inputs? It looks like you’re going to have to drill a hole in that heirloom. It’s a problem AV integrators have faced time and time again.

Aaron Rubner, CEO and President of AVTEQ, along with Robert Parsons, Vice President of Sales for Taurus Technologies, came into the MarketScale Studio to look at more of the biggest pitfalls business owners fumble into when AV integration is a secondary thought. Parsons and Rubner also take a hard look at the huddle room, and why they’re one of the biggest markets for innovative AV-integrated furniture. “We’re starting to see people understand that thinking about how furniture can be functional and technical is just as important if not more important than its overall look at the end of the day,” Parsons said.

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